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Writer on Medium

I'm a writer for The Writing Cooperative, Better Programming, a Few Words, 1 Minute Reads, and 101 World.

I enjoy writing about self-improvement, life lessons, technology, and so much more.

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Editor on Medium

I'm an editor for Why Is That?, 21st, and Tech Reviews.

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I am both a web developer and a software developer. I have experience with Python, HTML, JavaScript, and little bit of CSS.

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I'm currently a middle school student. At any given moment, I'm probably stressing about assignments and due dates.

Brainly Moderator

I like to spend my time working with a wonderful community of people while moderating one of the largest online learning communities in the world.

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Even though I'm still learning and practicing, I enjoy photography in my free time.

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Graphic designer

Sometimes I enjoy doing a little bit of graphic design. Usually the designs I make are pretty basic, but I'm proud of them.

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